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Welcome to Aretaeio Hospital

Aretaeio Hospital

with 62 patient beds and 42 doctors


Aretaeio Hospital has a Casualty Department that
operates on a 24-hour basis throughout the year.

Latest News

  • Outline for Pediatric and Adult congenital heart Disease program- Aretaeio Hospital

    The number of infants born with congenital heart diseases and survive past their post-natal period continues to increase world-wide, making patients with congenital heart diseases one of the fastest growing populations in the field of medicine. In accordance with this trend, the demand for experts in the fields of pediatric and adult congenital heart diseaseRead more →

  • Clinical Neurosciences Department

    The Skull Base team, part of the department of Clinical Neurological Services at Aretaeio Hospital consists not only of doctors within Aretaeio Hospital (Dr Vakis Papanastassiou Neurosurgeon, Dr Eddy Hadjihannas ENT surgeon, Dr Nikiforos Kranidiotis Plastic surgeon, Dr Stelia Kadis Endocrinologist) but also associates and collaborators from both Cyprus (Dr Yiannis Kyprianou Ophthalmic and OrbitalRead more →

  • Health and Prevention Packages

    The various economic problems plaguing the citizens of our island and the island itself pushed us to create some competitive packages named “Health and Prevention” which have attractive prices and relate to a series of tests of various specialties. Taking into consideration that prevention is the best cure, ARETAEIO Hospital has advanced the preparation ofRead more →