MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging)


The MRI department of the hospital possesses one of the most modern MRI scans, the Magnetom Espree 1.5T. This scanner is vastly superior to others of the same type, with a wide internal bore (70cm), which provides at least 30cm of space above the patient, about twice that of a traditional open magnet. The scanner is also remarkably short (125cm), enabling for the patient’s head to remain outside the machine for a large number of the scans. It therefore offers more comfort and reduced stress during the examination. As the only scanner of its kind in Cyprus, it is ideal for claustrophobic patients, as well as for obese patients (up to 250kg), children, the elderly and patients with reduced mobility.

At the MRI department, we perform all routine scans, as well as more specialized examinations, such as:

  • MRI Brain
  • MRA – MRV Brain (Angiography – Venography)
  • MRI of the whole Spine
  • MRI of the Spinal Cord
  • MRI of the Musculoskeletal System (all joints, upper and lower limbs)
  • MRI Arthrography of all joints (the only MRI centre in Cyprus where this study is performed by specialized staff and using the latest technique)
  • MRI Abdomen (and dynamic examination for the liver)
  • MRA Renal Arteries
  • MRI Pelvis
  • MRI Cholangiography (MRCP)
  • MRI Urography – Pyelography
  • MRI Breasts