Extracorporeal lithotripsy is the procedure that brakes up the stones of the upper urinary system with shock waves. High-energy shock waves will pass through your body until they hit the stones. The shock waves focused very accurately on the stone to ensure the fragmentation of the stones into tiny pieces. After this procedure the pieces of the stones will pass out through your urine.


The ESWL Centre of Aretaeio Hospital, staffed with the newest mechanical equipment and specialized medical and nursing staff, provides full diagnosis and treatment of patients with urolithiasis. The procedure is quick, painless, does not require a hospitalization and the patient is able to return to his normal activity immediately.

No more incision for the kidney stones

The Extracorporeal lithotripsy, the procedure that now established all over the world, removes the incision, the pain and decreases the days of hospitalization. The patient lies on a comfortable bed and he can observe the procedure of the lithotripsy. The lithotripter undertakes the rest of the procedure with the help of experienced staff that can handle this machine.


Electro-Magnetic Type ESWL System


The advantages of the lithotripter of Our Center

The lithotripter of our center presents more advantages and benefits compared to similar machines that exist in our country, such as:

  • Does not require local or general anaesthesia.
  • Does not damage kidney, ureter or other organs of urinary system
  • Reduces the time of lithotripsy
  • Reduces the anxiety of the patient because it causes less noise
  • Ability to provide treatment to patients regardless of body type
  • It is possible to move the table in the three axes, to facilitate patients.


Minimization of Pain

The magnetic shock-wave generator developed by GEMSS generates stable shock waves so that patients receive medical procedures without any pain.

Stabilization of Surgery Environments

GEMSS Lithotripter has a remarkable success rate with its high-performance shock-wave generator. It provides a stable surgery environment to both, operator and patients, with low noise (less than 50db).With remarkable durability and stability, this generator increases the efficiency of lithotripsy, and by using a mechanism with extremely low side effects. It can provide patients with a stable surgery, while shortening the procedure duration.
Since its low-noise shock wave volume is below residential noises (70dB on average), it reduces patients’ anxiety caused by shock-wave noise and increases patients’ psychological stability.

Provision of Clear Images regardless of BodyTypes

GEMSS image-processing solutions make it possible to check images of wide body parts and to carry out Procedures for long-duration, thus enhancing diagnostic efficiency. Furthermore, when medical procedures are conducted on obese patients, it is possible to obtain high-quality images of stones. (Its 9” High-spec Image Intensifier (I.I) makes it possible to scan a large range and helps users to find the calculus location easily. Besides, with the function of multiple focusing (4.5’’, 6”, 9”) installed, detailed focusing is possible when users have confirmed calculus location.By using high-output Rotating Anode type tube with great durability it is possible to carry out procedures for long duration and with its Turbo/Boost function (20mA), it can be effectively used for medical procedures on obese patients.)