We are pleased to inform you that ARETAEIO hospital is now offering ESWL services.

The center staffed with the newest kind of mechanical equipment, as well as our specialized medical and nursing staff, is offering comprehensive diagnosis and treatment for patients with urinary lithiasis. The whole process is quick, painless, does not require hospitalization and patients can return immediately to their everyday activities.

The extracorporeal Lithotripter uses shock waves to break the stones without surgery. The success is related to the anatomical structure of each kidney, the size and chemical composition of the blocks. The urologist focuses the shock wave lithotripter at the point of the stone, while the patient is lying down. By the hardness and the position of the stone, which has been identified fluoroscopically using ultrasound, regulates the frequency and energy of the shock wave. The gritty debris resulting from the stone breaking are being eliminated by the smooth urine flow. It is likely, in order for the stone to be shattered to be required more than one and up to three sessions of extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy.