Health and Prevention Packages

The various economic problems plaguing the citizens of our island and the island itself pushed us to create some competitive packages named “Health and Prevention” which have attractive prices and relate to a series of tests of various specialties. Taking into consideration that prevention is the best cure, ARETAEIO Hospital has advanced the preparation of the following packages, through which each person can purchase according to their needs and requirements:

  • Women check up: This package includes the standard blood test a woman should make. It shows iron, ferritin and THS (thyroid).
  • Men check up: This package includes the main blood test a man should make. It also includes PSA and FREE PSA test which is a test for prostate cancer.
  • Immigration Test: This package includes analysis that is required from immigrants for residence permit and work in Cyprus.
  • Athletes Health Statement: This package is usually requested from CSO by athletes enrolled in associations.
  • Pregnancy Panel: This package includes all necessary analysis for the mother and the embryo at the beginning of her pregnancy.
  • General check up: This package includes all the standard blood test for general examination. It’s recommended to be done annually.
  • General check up B
  • Prostate examination
  • Liver Enzymes
  • Cardio check up 1: An examination prescribed by cardiologists. Clinical examination and cardiogram.
  • Cardio check up 2: An examination prescribed by cardiologists and shows heart function. Clinical examination, cardiogram and stress test.
  • Women check up 1: This package includes mammography and DEXA
  • Women check up 2: This package includes mammography, DEXA and breast ultrasound.  Is usually made once a year for women over 40 (not always – depends on risk).
  • Women check up 3: This package includes mammography, DEXA and chest X-ray usually made for women which smoke (not always – depends on risk). Recommended once a year.
  • Women check up 4: This package is a combination of the above three packages. It includes mammography, DEXA, chest X-ray and breast ultrasound. Is usually made once a year for women over 40 (not always – depends on risk).
  • Women check up 5: This package should be done by all women above 40 (not always – depends on risk).
  • Bone Densitometry Examination: Examination which in mainly aimed at women over 45 years usually after menopause.

Each examination depending on the package takes place at ARETAEIO Hospital by experienced medical and paramedical staff with full high-tech equipment.

Anyone interested to receive the relevant package from Health and Prevention” set can contact Ms. Sophia Theophilou.

Phone Number: 77776900