Clinical Neurosciences Department

The Skull Base team, part of the department of Clinical Neurological Services at Aretaeio Hospital consists not only of doctors within Aretaeio Hospital (Dr Vakis Papanastassiou Neurosurgeon, Dr Eddy Hadjihannas ENT surgeon, Dr Nikiforos Kranidiotis Plastic surgeon, Dr Stelia Kadis Endocrinologist) but also associates and collaborators from both Cyprus (Dr Yiannis Kyprianou Ophthalmic and Orbital Surgeon, Dr Panagiotis Economides Endocrinologist) and abroad (Dr Michael Powell, Neurosurgeon, UK, Dr Christos Georgalas, ENT surgeon specializing in endoscopic skull base approaches, Netherlands).

The skull base is an area where a number of different surgical and medical disciplines (Neurosurgery, ENT, Ophthalmology, Plastic Surgery, Endocrinology) need to co-operate for optimum patient care. It deals with tumours and other conditions affecting the brain, meninges, pituitary gland, paranasal sinuses and orbits.

In the first week of May, the Skull Base Team joined by Dr Michael Powell, Neurosurgeon from UK, with sub-specialization in Cushing’s disease.

Together, the team had carried out operations on patients suffering from Cushing’s disease and acromegaly at Aretaeio Hospital. In addition Dr Michael Powell took time to meet with some of his old patients in Cyprus and delivered a lecture to the MRCA (Medical Royal Colleges Association in Cyprus).

In the third week in May, our associate Dr Christos Giorgallas (Director of the Endoscopic Skull Base Center in Amsterdam) once again returned to Cyprus to work with the team on another series of endoscopic trans-sphenoidal skull base operations.