Our electrophysiology department is working for four years as part of a formal cooperation with Berlin heart institute (German Heart Institute Berlin, Berlin, Germany).

The department head director Dr Charalambos Kriatselis, is the main curator for six years of electrophysiology department at Berlin Heart Institute and has ten years experience on the diagnosis and treatment field of cardiac arrhythmias. ARETAEIO hospital has the most modern technological equipment and the ability to offer a full range of diagnostic and interventional operations in electrophysiology field.

So, for the first time in Cyprus Dr Kriatselis made a treatment of atrial fibrillation in December of 2010. Atrial fibrillation plaques many patients and is characterized by a very fast and usually arrhythmic heartbeat. This arrhythmia treatment is very difficult and requires particular experience from the electro physiologist as well as specialized and modern technical equipment. The treatment was completed successfully since the two basic criteria mentioned above are met at ARETAEIO hospital.

Furthermore, we made pacemakers implants, defibrillators (electronic devices protecting from sudden death), as well as biventricular pacing devices as part of specific form treatment of heart failure.

Finally, Dr Kriatsellis examines on a constant basis at the Arrhythmia outpatient department, patients with a full spectrum of cardiac arrhythmias, or problems which directly or indirectly can be connected with cardiac arrhythmias such as syncope episodes or family history of sudden cardiac death.