CT (Computed Tomography)

Aretaeio PrivateHospital is equipped with the multi-slice “Lightspeed 8x” CT scanner. The particular scanner provides the ability for 3D reconstructions wherever indicated.

At our department we perform all routine CT examinations, as well as more specialized scans, such as:

  • Musculoskeletal examinations with 3D reconstructions
  • High resolution scans of the lungs, internal auditory canals and paranasal sinuses
  • Aortic angiography, abdominal arteries, renal arteries, carotid arteries, cerebral arteries and arteries of the lower limbs
  • Virtual colonoscopy

At our CT department we are also able to perform diagnostic biopsies from any part of the body, as well as paracenteses and drainage of abscesses or other pathological collections.

ct scan 1